Sunday, February 25, 2007

INR & warfarin

If a patient's INR is > 3 (normal 0.8-1.2) then stop warfarin for a few days rather than reversing it with Vit K/FFPs.


Cazzie!!! said...

Yes, that is what we do here in Australia also. We also continue, if the patient is on it, Aspirin therapy and check bloods every morning at 6am. Warfarin is given at 1600 hours, the bloods are back by then.

yublocka said...

Thanks so much for your comments cazzie, this is really awesome cos its forcing me to think about it even more!

I didn't notice whether our patient was on aspirin but it makes sense that they can stay on it considering that won't affect the INR.

Now I have a question for you in return regarding aspirin vs clopidogrel for inhibition of platelet aggregation - am I right in thinking aspirin is used more commonly and is that just because of a $$$ thing?